About Property hunting

Eat Factory HOLDINGS is hunting for store information to expand stores!

Our company is focused on developing izakaya and bar type of business.
We are looking for property information based on future store opening plan.
If there is information allied to the following conditions, even if it’s a small matter please contact us.

Property Hunting
Izakaya Manmaru Osaka
Tenant floor space
30-50 tsubo(99.3-165.5 sq.m)(away from roadside. on ground level)
3 or more
within 15,000 yen/area(negotiable according to condition of the location)
3 months-6 months
Station, in front of station, shopping district
Store Area
Centered around Kinki region: Keihanshin (Kyoto, Osaka, Kobe), san’in, sanyo, shikoku, Kyushu, hokuriku, Tokai, minami Kanto.