Vitality For Everyone

Foods for Tomorrow’s Vitality


Through food we appreciate all encounters,
Continue to inspire "smile" "spirit" and "passion"
And promise to create a bright society.


“People” are the root that allowed the overflowing charms of Eat-Factory, each person brings their passionate, energetic and strong personality that made Eat-factory as it is now.
We put effort and support in human resources such as training in the company, seminars and create favorable environment for each staff so they can fulfill their dreams.

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Our mission is to provide all people involved with "food" with "vigor for tomorrow". We will offer you cheap and delicious dishes with all your strength, we will serve you with our full strength, consider each other with all your strength, help each other, and live in this moment with all our strengths! This is our motto. We look forward to your partner who can develop and develop our philosophy and thoughts together.

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Baseball Team

A grand ground is spreading in front of us. With no players in sight. It’s the new beginning. In this ground, we chase after one white ball and aim for the top. We are waiting for the youngster that will embark on this so called “baseball revolution”.

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