Message from director


Continue Moving Forward for the Future

In June 2010, we start this company from nothing. Even though we are young and inexperienced but our company still growing to this day is because the warm support and guidance from many people, so first, we would like to express our utmost gratitude to everyone for their exceptional help and support.
Our goal is, to create an elegant tavern and izakaya where our chef offered food are made one by one with time and effort for the best taste. In order to nurture fascinated and talented person, we are putting our efforts into creating an environment and stage with global mindset, where each person’s potentials will be expanded. (Introducing Osaka to the whole Japan and the world while also introducing the World to Japan). The intended mission is to use the re-introducing of Osaka as contribution to build a bridge between the two country. We are not limiting our self as just Izakaya or tavern, but we are aim to become an elegant bar and dining, offers warm delicious food with affordable price that well known throughout the world. From now on, We, Eat-Factory-HOLDINGS will continue to strive towards our goal without forgetting our humble beginning and will always keep our gratitude deep in our heart for those who had support us.

株式会社イートファクトリーホールディングス 代表取締役 山口功